Cold Lithuanian Beetroot Soup - perfect for Summer!

Cold Lithuanian Beetroot Soup - perfect for Summer!

Try this deliciously vibrant chilled soup, that's perfect for Summer alfresco dining - and it's bright pink!

Our chef, Dorota, has perfected this simple recipe for you to try at home:


- 100g fresh cucumber

- 50g boiled beetroot

- 50g pickled beetroot

- 1.3 litres kefir

- 30g spring onion

- 15g fresh dill

- 10g sugar

- 7g salt

- x1 hard boiled egg (garnish)


- Pour the kefir into a large bowl and stir in the spring onion, dill, sugar and salt. 

- Grate the beetroots and cucumber (finely sliced or chopped into larger pieces, whichever you prefer) into another bowl and lightly season with salt and pepper.

- Add the beetroot mixture into the kefir and stir well, or until it turns your desired shade of purpley-pink.

- Cover with cling film and transfer bowl to the fridge (it will taste best after being chilled for a few hours).


- Divide into bowls and top with the boiled egg, cut into quarters. Serve with either baby potatoes or a slice of your favourite bread - we have a few to choose from here!

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