Oat Free Sourdough Granola 5 ways

Oat Free Sourdough Granola 5 ways

The latest addition to our yummy range, is our Original Granola. An Oat free sourdough granola.

Here is 5 ways we like to enjoy it:

1- With your favourite yoghurt. Whether it's a creamy soy yogurt, or a thick greek yogurt, both are delicious with a sprinkling of crunchy sourdough granola. We like ours with a few slices of strawberry too.

 Sourdough Oat Free Granola with Yoghurt

2-Kids snack. Our granola makes a delicious addition to your kid's favourite snack plate. A great high fibre alternative to bread sticks, or crisps. 

Sourdough Oat Free Granola kids snack

3-Classic granola with milk. This is the perfect easy breakfast. It's filling, delicious and super simple.

Sourdough Oat Free Granola with milk

4-Pure snack. Put a few granola clusters in a box for a delish, on the go snack. 

Sourdough Oat Free Granola snack

5- Acai bowl. We like to blend whatever frozen fruit we have in the freezer, and top with a few clusters of granola. We like to add a dollop of nut butter, or a drizzle of chocolate for a super treat.

Sourdough Oat Free Granola açai bowl

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