How long will my order take?
All our fresh sourdough bread is hand made to order, so please allow 3-5 days for your order. Your bread is baked and posted via DPD, the same day, for next day delivery. If you provide a mobile number and email address, DPD will send you a delivery window on the day of delivery.
How much is delivery?
Orders over £40 have free delivery

Standard delivery is £3.99

Orders under £10 cost £5.99
Can I request a specific delivery date?
If you'd like a specific delivery date, please add it as a note in your order, and will we do our best to accommodate you. We will be in touch, if it's not possible.

Are your mixes suitable for Vegans?
Yes, they are! All our mixes, and many of our baked products are suitable for vegans. Please check the ingredients of the fresh bread before ordering.
Are your mixes free from the 14 major allergens?
Yes, they are! All our mixes, and many of our baked products are free from all 14 major allergens. Again, please check the ingredients of the fresh bread before ordering.
Are you breads and mixes suitable for Coeliacs?
Yes, everything is produced in a completely gluten free environment, to avoid any cross contamination.
Do the mixes contain yeast?
No all our mixes are yeast free, and are made from real sourdough.

Can I freeze the bread?
Yes, you can freeze the bread 3 months. Defrost at room temperature or 10-15 minutes in the oven to serve warm.
How do I keep my bread fresh?
Our bread has no preservatives, so will keep like any artisan bread. Once cut open, keep cut in the packaging for freshness.

Can I use greaseproof paper for the mixes?
We recommend that you use the baking bag and parchment provided, because greaseproof will stick to the dough. Alternatively, you can use baking parchment.
Why do I need to seal the parchment bag?
Folding the parchment and sealing it will give you the best crust. Making sure you smooth the dough with a wet spatula will also help make a delicious crusty bread.
Is there an alternative to baking the mixes with the parchment bag?
Yes, you can place a baking tray filled with water at the bottom of your oven. If you aren't using the parchment paper provided, place the dough on a non-stick baking tray.
My dough mix looks wet, have I done something wrong?
No, you haven’t! Gluten free dough will not look like wheat dough. It will be quite wet and have a similar consistency to thick porridge!
What happens if I don’t add the correct amount of water?
If you add too much water, you’ll find it difficult to shape the dough, and the bread will have a very wet middle once baked. Too little water will result in a very hard crust, and the bread won’t rise well.
My bread is very wet inside!?
This usually happens if your loaf is slightly under baked. This can also be caused by inaccurate oven temperature. You can try increasing your oven temperature by 10C. It’s also important to let the baked bread stand until it cools before cutting, which will allow the bread to stabilise and the extra moisture to leave the bread.
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