Will freezing bread help you lose weight?

weight loss

We get asked a lot about freezing our bread. Although we all love some fresh bread straight out of the oven, there are many benefits in freezing your bread, and then defrosting/reheating. Fortunately all our bread freezes very well, and keeps their texture and flavour. So you can toast it straight from the freezer! 

Here are some reasons we think you should be freezing your bread:

1- Buying in bulk. 

We all hate to pay delivery costs. We completely understand! Unfortunately due to seriously high courier costs, we need to charge delivery for orders under £35. To give you complete transparency, we are charged £5.20 +VAT (and a fuel surcharge, and if in London a Congestion Charge) for a standard small box. On orders between £10-£35, we charge £4.20, thereby subsidizing the courier cost. Reducing the number of deliveries saves on delivery costs, is more economical, and also more eco friendly. The way to buy in bulk, and still enjoy the products to the max - is to freeze.

2- Resistant starch and weight loss? 

Freezing bread turns starch into resistant starch. This actually means that your body gets far fewer calories from the bread! 

What is resistant starch?

Resistant starch is a type of carbohydrate that doesn’t get digested in your small intestine. It ferments in your large intestine and feeds the good bacteria. In effect, the resistant starch feeds your gut bacteria, rather than feeding you.

Resistant starches have only 2.5 calories per gram, while regular starches contain 4 calories per gram.

Resistant starch benefits include:

Boosting gut health

Improves insulin sensitivity

Helps you stay full longer

We’re sold on the benefits of adding more resistant starch to our diets!

3-  Won’t be caught short

Having a steady supply of gf bagels is the dream. What better way, than having a dedicated bread drawer in the freezer!

4- Low waste

In the UK we throw away 20 million slices a day!! As a low waste bakery, we do what we can to reduce waste, and we know our customers care about this. Freezing can reduce your waste to zero!

5- Subscription savings

In case you weren’t aware, you can set up a regular order and make huge savings. A regular order can save you 7.5% per order! Why not set up a subscription order to fill your freezer drawer, make the saving and benefit from everything else we’ve mentioned above! You can choose the frequency and gap between deliveries to work for your needs!


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