Three Easy Gluten-Free Swaps You Can Make Today

gluten-free sourdough bread with marmalade. easy, simple gluten free breakfast
So you've just been told that you can't have gluten anymore, but no one told you what to do instead? or worse, you've been given a stern talking to about everything you can't have, and it feels like there is nothing else.
Sucks right?
We know that completely changing a habit can be stressful, especially if you don't know where to start. But we don't think it should be, so here are three things you can swap today to kick start your new gluten-free journey.
Let's start with the basics.

What is a Gluten-Free Diet?

A Gluten-Free diet excludes all products that contain the protein found in wheat, barley, rye and certain grains. It's currently the only treatment for those with coeliac's disease. People living with non-coeliac gluten sensitivity or just looking for a change in their diets have also reaped the rewards of going gluten-free.
However, cutting out gluten, regardless of the reason, can feel like a monumental task. We get it! So wanted to make the first steps easier for you. 
Let's satisfy your stomach without sacrificing taste.


Would we really be a bread bakery if we didn't start with everyone's favourite?
Notoriously tedious to find, gluten-free bread was one of the least fun items to find. Not any more, though! We've got you covered!
You'll never have to miss out on freshly-baked bread ever again.
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Because all good things are smothered in bread crumbs
Almond Flour has a coarse texture which makes it a great gluten-free substitute for breadcrumbs. Not to mention, it's quickly becoming a staple product in most popular high-street supermarkets across the country.
Tip: 'Almond Flour' and 'Finely Crushed Almonds' are the same thing! Different places will call it different things, so look out for both!


Okay, so we're kind of cheating with this one, but we have a reason!
Did you know that oats and granola are naturally gluten-free?
That's right, overnight oats are here to stay, and we couldn't be more pleased. For added sweetness, add a handful of berries and a hint of honey. 
IMPORTANT: some producers will package their granola and oats alongside barley, wheat, and rye. Double-check labels to make sure there is no cross-contamination. 


Easy, Delicious & Guilt-Free. Need I say more?
Actually, yes, I do.
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