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Back to Basics Mix Box: 2 Gluten Free Sourdough Baking Mixes

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This comprises one of each of our sourdough loaf bread mixes. A great introduction to our breads, allowing you to savour them all and pick your favourite for future.

These easy to use kits, make delicious sourdough bread. Just add water!

No preservatives, refined sugar or nasties!

The two mixes (e500g each) included in this pack are:

NEW ITALIAN: HEARTY, RUSTIC, OATY – ‘Richly textured with a satisfying crumb, this loaf is best served with lashings of butter alongside your favourite salad.’

SUPER SOURDOUGH: CRUSTY, LIGHT, TANGY - ‘This everyday loaf has a mild sour flavour and delicious golden crust, which is ideal for toasting or freshly-made sandwiches.’


Free from: gluten, dairy, egg, nuts, soya. Free from 14 major allergens. 

Suitable for vegans

See each individual product page for more information.