In 2012 I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. Before my diagnosis, I suffered from the usual symptoms; tiredness, bloated stomach, digestion problems, foggy brain and irritability to name a few. For years it seemed normal to feel sluggish and tired. After being diagnosed by my GP and Gastroentrologist I was so relieved to finally understand what was wrong with me. To help adapt to my new gluten free diet, I set out on a mission to find great tasting gluten free food. I tried everything! The one thing I couldn’t find anywhere was delicious, crusty bread, and it was the thing I missed the most. I knew the problem, and needed to find a solution. Since then, I have teamed up with my good friend (and fellow foodie) Alexander - making it our mission to provide a wide selection of gluten free, artisan sourdough products.Employing traditional fermentation techniques, we use the finest ancient grains to ensure our sourdough is packed with nutrients and full of flavour. With a real focus on quality and taste, all of our bread is hand-crafted using responsibly sourced ingredients. We’re extremely proud of what we do here at The Gluten Free Bakery, so we can’t wait for you to try our delicious range. And remember - love your food, don’t limit it!

Rana & the team x
"Mixes are so easy, youliterally just add water. The bread tastes just like bread.
Yes ... real bread! I was delighted to try it & speak to the founders about how they produced such a great mix. Their office & factory are 100% gluten free, so there is no risk of cross contamination ... at all"

- Gluten Free Tilly
"I thought the bread was absolutely delicious, so did my daughter, husband & my parents. Really delicious, bravo!"

- Magaret Cazelet
"We really liked your bread. I think the sourdough was the all round favourite. But the seeded brown was excellent too. What I loved most about it is that I cut the loaf up into slices after baking & froze them - so I could extend its life & use whenever. Really, really great!"

- Camilla Marriott
"The Glossy Posse has fallen in love with @TheGlutenFreeBakery this afternoon!
Free from gluten, dairy, egg, nuts & soya. So delicious!"

- Get The Gloss
"Extemely good & fast service! We are really enjoying the bread, especially Sam, who finds if he easts too much wheat his skin doesn't like it. Thrilled!"

- Sayre Robinson-Horley
"Crusty, fluffy
gluten free bread
does exist!"

- Natasha Corrett @ Honestly Healthy
"My house was filled with mouthwatering aroma as the bread baked and the end result (delicious) made me ridiculously proud. Easy peasy!"

Kathy Ladenburg
"The GFB have created a truly impressive selection of mixes for consumers. You would never be able to tell that they are gluten free, they taste incredible! They've been shortlisted in the Free From awards more than once, and it's not hard to see why once you taste their breads. This is definitely a product to watch, or better still, try, you won't be disappointed!"

- The Intolertant Gourmand
"I thought it was a vast improvement on what is generally available. The texture was good, with a great crust & most importantly a superb real bread-like taste. I thought it was just like a quality artisan bread. Thanks for making the effort & well done!"

- Colin Wilsher