Rana's Story

The journey that ends with you reading this began several years ago when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. I'd been feeling unwell for a few years with a whole range of stomach and digestive problems as well as exhaustion, moodiness and general poor health. It took ages and endless tests and false starts to get a diagnosis, but once I did I was strangely relieved to know what was wrong with me, having felt bad for so long, and to be able to address the problem.

I was referred to a dietician to help me adjust to a gluten free diet. Having been completely clueless before, I was amazed by how prevalent gluten is in all types of food and it took me a long time to learn how to decipher the back of food packets and understand what ingredients are in various foods. Since I love food, I still wanted to enjoy eating normally and going to restaurants, and I became fascinated by researching the best places to eat out as well as finding or making gluten free versions of the foods I'd always loved.

One of the things I missed the most after my diagnosis and what subsequently became my obsession (I like to think mild!), was proper bread. I was frustrated with not being able to go to a bakery and buy freshly made artisan bread, or have a delicious slice of warm crusty bread with a meal, or indeed as a meal! Or the smell of it baking in my oven at home! I missed everything about proper bread, and the more I looked and failed to find a gluten free option, the more I became obsessed with making or finding one!

With ever increasing numbers of people eating gluten free, out of necessity or choice, there are now far more GF options available. Eating out is getting better, but can still be difficult (I still get some blank looks in restaurants when I ask about gluten content and cross contamination!). Proper, delicious, artisan bread which is gluten free, however, remained something that no-one seemed to be able to conquer...until now...!

After many false starts and growing incredulity that there was nothing in the global market that came close to meeting my (admittedly very high!) standards, my crusade to find GF bread eventually led me to Mr Charles Luce, inventor and baker extraordinaire (and fellow coeliac sufferer). 

Our breads are based on recipes devised by Charles and we truly believe, having been on this journey over several years, that they are quite unlike anything else you will find.

We embarked on a search to create a GF option for artisan breads which doesn't compromise on quality or taste (hence our "gluten free without compromise" tagline!), and we truly believe we found it. Our breads are for everyone, not just those who have to or choose to avoid gluten. We are so excited finally to be able to share them with you. We hope you will love our breads as much as we do, and find as many ways as you can to enjoy them.


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