The Gluten Free Bakery prices are here to stay...

The Gluten Free Bakery prices are here to stay...

During this unprecedented time with the cost of living crisis, we would like to put our customers minds at rest. As companies across the globe increase their prices this month, we wanted to let you know that ours are here to stay.


Inflation has hit 9.1% in the UK with annual spending on food expected to rise by £380 this year, not to mention the huge increase in energy bills too. Undoubtedly, we are experiencing an increase in costs. However, we have made it our mission to keep all our bakes at the same price.


We have always understood that the gluten-free market already comes at a premium price point. That’s why we want all our customers to enjoy our products without worrying about additional cost. In fact, over the years, our famous bagels have decreased in cost as we pushed to make them more affordable. 


Finally, we’d like to thank all our amazing and loyal customers for continuing to support us, especially throughout this difficult time.


Rana, Alexander and the team

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